Our History - How it all Began..1906 to present

Canaan Missionary Baptist Church organized in 1906 with Reverend Joseph Alford and a small group, under an oak tree, in the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Powell.

At the departure of Reverend Alford, the leadership role was passed on to

Reverend Humphrey.

In 1910, the membership increased to twenty and Reverend Heard was called

as Pastor. The new meeting site was set at Brother Eddie George’s home and yard.

A platform was built of wood and the purchase of a tent would take Canaan from shade to the first shelter. In 1915, a storm destroyed the tent. The platform remained in tact and was moved to a site on Amboy Street.

In 1918, Reverend I. C. Lindsey became the pastor of Canaan. Property for a permanent site was purchased for $300.00. The first real structure was built at 2500 Altoona and remained Canaan’s home for forty plus years. The Senior Usher Board, Music Department, Starlight Band and Sunday School were organized. The first Communion Set was purchased. The Missionary Society became full circle. Membership more than tripled.

Reverend Lindsey was succeeded in death by Associate Minister, Reverend Jessie Glover. The Puritan District Association was organized in 1934 with the aid of Reverend Glover. The first Association Choir was born. Eighty-five years later (2019) Puritan District still reigns within the Northeast community.

Following Reverend Glover’s exit, Reverend James D. Moten was installed as the sixth Shepherd of Canaan. Among his accomplishments are: The Baptist Training Union, a Youth Department were organized; the Senior Choir began taking the Word of God in song to hospitals and prisons. Canaan’s membership grew rapidly.

In 1958, the St. James Methodist Church at 5117 Lockwood Drive was purchased for the hefty price of $35,000. The exodus from Altoona Street to Lockwood took place the same year. The property consisted of one and one-tenth acres, a brick church building; a two-story wooden structure; pews, chairs, two pianos and one organ. Additionally, a baptism pool was built shortly after the purchase of the property. Reverend Moten served as Shepherd of Canaan for more than five years. He departed this life in 1962.

On May 26, 1963, installation services were held for Reverend L. V. Adams, the seventh pastor of Canaan. Hundreds were added to the church roll; many auxiliaries and committees were formed, to include the establishment of an Educational Fund designed to assist high school graduates in their pursuit to higher learning. In October, 1968, plans were presented, and accepted, to renovate and expand Canaan’s facilities. After the church debt was paid in full, new facilities were dedicated 1968, 1972 and in November, 1988, a newly built Sanctuary was dedicated. (Condensed Accomplishments)

Reverend Adams became ill in 1998 and relinquished some of his duties to his

biological and spiritual son, Reverend Val D. Adams who became Co-Pastor in 2001.

In 2004, Reverend L V. Adams announced his retirement as pastor of Canaan; he was honored with the title, Pastor Emeritus, and Reverend Val D. Adams became the eighth Pastor of Canaan. The church transitioned from church life to ministry.

In 2005, Reverend Val Adams sponsored the first off-site Leadership Conference; the Educational Scholarship Fund was increased; sound technology was upgraded (including new system and the erection of a sound booth); campus beautification was implemented and parking space was expanded. With the expansion of Outreach Ministries approximately 1,600 families were blessed with food and toys during Thanksgiving and Christmas. . 2006 and 2007. In May, 2008, Reverend Val D. Adams resigned as pastor of Canaan.

Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, facing many obstacles and challenges was once again in search of a Pastor. Having celebrated 102 years (2008), we knew God was not finished with us yet. Because of God’s amazing soverign grace and unmerited favor, He sent another shepherd to Canaan-land. The history was yet to be continued...

Sunday, June 28, 2009 the Reverend Delwin E. Benton graced the pulpit as our 9th Pastor. “And we know, all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” What an awesome blessing as we celebrated our 103rd church anniversary (Aug2009). Under the leadership of Pastor Benton, we are “a church with a ministry of purpose that leads to God's promise.” - And now known as The Promised Land Church!

 To God be the Glory!